The SkillsUSA Advisor of the Year program recognizes Professional members who actualize the organization’s mission of empowering students to become world-class workers, leaders, and responsible American citizens. A SkillsUSA chapter is only successful with the support of an Advisor who has dedicated themselves to career and technical education by intentionally integrating the SkillsUSA Framework and ensuring students can articulate the skills they have developed.

The winning advisor will be announced and awarded during the awards ceremony at SLSC. The winner will then advance to the regional competition. The top five regional winners are interviewed during the national conference, and a national Advisor of the Year is selected.

Eligibility Requirements for consideration:

  • Must be a paid, Professional member in the current school year
  • Chapter must achieve a minimum of Level 2 within the SkillsUSA Chapter Excellence Program – during the current school year
  • Submissions must be received by March 03, 2023.

Application focus areas:

  • Philosophy on CTE and SkillsUSA Framework skill development
  • Intentional SkillsUSA Framework integration into school and chapter
  • Communication of SkillsUSA Framework Skill Development

This program emphasizes group activity and cooperative undertakings growing out of an organized SkillsUSA chapter program of activities. It provides recognition of the local SkillsUSA chapters for conducting outstanding programs of activities that provide valuable educational experiences for the entire membership.

Application can be found in the national membership portal