Partner With Us

SkillsUSA Supporters can be found in all walks of life: business partners, alumni members or parents.

We are thankful for the many people who work tirelessly to make the SkillsUSA Oregon program and the SkillsUSA Championships a successful event.

SkillsUSA is on a mission to empower the future workforce of our nation. If you would like to support SkillsUSA Oregon as a partner, we invite you to view the opportunities highlight below or contact

Evaluate a Competition

As an educational non-profit organization, volunteers are crucial to the success of our programs. To ensure our annual State Leadership & Skills Conference showcases equality competitive events, over 60 volunteers are needed to serve as Technical Chairs.

We are seeking industry professionals to serve as Technical Chairs in the trade area of the competition. The Technical Chair is responsible for the competition as a whole and works to assemble volunteers, equipment and supplies to make the competition a success while working closely with the State Director and Competitive Event Coordinator.

Exhibit at a Conference

A great way to connect with SkillsUSA Oregon members is by participating in the TECHSPO Exhibition that takes place at the annual State Leadership & Skills Conference. This interactive experience provides the opportunity for business and organizations to make industry connections with both students and educators to enhance classrooms and develop the state’s talent pipeline.

Invest in the Lives of Oregon’s Student Leaders